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The way a artist can create and capture value is changing.  We're transforming the definition of words like invest and earn.  Fans can pay in attention where the creator wants it and then be rewarded for doing so.  Web3 is the technology stack that is already changing how creators exchange value with their audience.  

Understanding these dynamics, the strategies that can deployed, and the technology is where Im strongest.  In 2020 I went deep into crypto and blockchain technology.  I made content and posted videos to youtube breaking down the coming music industry and how everything works.  I have been very fortunate to understand the technology and its applications at a masterful level.  So much so, that my self education has led to me working with the premier social token platform,  In addition I also run an event called "Music NFT Hackathon", a three day educational event held quarterly to educate musicians on the space.

You can do an NFT sale, make more money from your music than you probably ever have at one time before, and still release it on Spotify to make those sweet streaming royalties.  Planning this all out and teaching the technology is what I do.

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Artist Services

Death Beach is currently only working crypto music projects.  Join the Crypto Music Club discord to take part in the community.

Please email me about your project.




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Post punk dreampop pop indie rock industrial music producer San Diego

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Recording studo San Diego

Death Beach is a music producer and mix engineer taking his knowledge of music communities and applying the new web3 models of connecting fans and artists.   

DB believes in creating intimate and expressive experiences based around music and art. 

Pulling from a deep background as a music fan, a professional career in music, and now channeling blockchain information/web3 strategies, Death Beach has proven himself a voice to be listened to.  

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