Your Trusted Mix Engineer and Confidant.

Finalize your music with a professional mix and master. 



Why hire an online mixing engineer?

Finding the right engineer can be tricky.  It can also make all the difference in how your music is perceived.   The online world has given us the opportunity to find engineers who are just right for our sound.  Death Beach is always excited to connect with new clients to help develop their sound further.  Shoot over an email or fill out the premix notes in detail to help achieve the mix you are after.  Listen to the sample mixes and read on below for more information.


Once you purchase a mixing package, you'll answer some questions, and then can upload your files. You can upload stems, track outs, Pro Tools, or Logic Pro X sessions.  

After receiving your files I will plan out the  session and then prep your song for mixing and mastering.  Typical turnaround time is 4-7 days.   


I'll email you a link to download your mixed and mastered track once it's completed. You will approve the mix or we can make revisions. Most packages have unlimited revisions*!  

Packages starting at $200

*I'm available anytime by email*

If you are unsatisfied with your mix, I will refund 100% or your money!

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Mix and Master Packages

Pricing is per song

Please Read Carefully

Mix and Master


16 Tracks or Less
Autotune Vocal Pitch Correction
3 Mix Revisions

Pro Package


Up to 40 Tracks
Full Pitch Correction
Drum Replacement
Time Alignment
Unlimited Revisions

À la carte

$100   -   Extra  Hour Live Mix Revision Session
$300   -   2 Mix Coaching Sessions 
$350   -   Mix Mentorship (per month)

Elite Package


Unlimited Tracks
Pitch Correction
Full Drum Replacement
Time Alignment
Unlimited Revisions
Instrumental, Acapella, Radio, and Performance Mix
Master Stems
1 Hour Live Mix Revision Session

Attended Mix

$800 +

*multiple rooms to pick from
32 Mono Tracks
6 Hour Attended Session
All Editing From Elite Package
All Alternative Mixes
Master Stems