The Future of the Music Industry (FoM)

NFT's, digital rights, augmented reality, virtual reality, and the metaverse.


Creating an NFT (minting) is one part of the process.  Getting it to work for you is another.  NFTs, smart contracts, and other parts of the blockchain will do amazing things for artists and musicians. But pulling it all together into a cohesive project can be difficult.  Further, there are trends and consumption methods coming that are not on most people's radar.  


The idea of working with a real record producer is coming back.  The idea that your fans will stare at your artwork and read your lyrics while listening to your music is back.  What most artists need is a path to make this happen.  This where Death Beach can really help you in a few different ways.  We can do zoom consults, career/content planning, NFT minting, music creation, and more!  


Death Beach has been accurately predicting where the industry will be going since 2020.  His youtube is a testament to this.  Get in touch today to find out how you can take advantage of all of this.

Get your piece of the new music industry and start building community today! 

FoM - NFT - Consulting

Please Read Carefully

(Minting - the process of creating an NFT token)



  •       Youtube - Death Beach 
  •       Instagram - @deathbeach_


  •      2 x 1 Hour Zooms -$200
            Questions Answered, Strategy
  •      NFT Launch  -$2000 +
            Start to finish launch


  •      NFT Laucnch + DB Original
            $2500 +
  •      Co-Write NFT w Death Beach
            $3000 +
  •      Produce your song + NFT
            $8000 +

Extra Services

Lessons/Coaching - $500 meet once per week

Available Lessons/Coachings
-Pro Tools
-Sound Design
-Basic Theory for Producers