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Out of Ashes

For producers and artists looking to express a wide dynamic range.  These samples stand on their own and work really well for blending.  Imagine the need to make the chorus bigger, layer in a kick and clap.  They were designed to be used like this.  This collection was created using the basic Logic drum designer.  These were at times layered with with samples of live drums and/or a miriade of other sound FX(gun shots, crashes, explosions).  Processing was done with analog gear from BAE and Dangerous audio, along with in the box processing with plugins from Acusitica Audio, Leapwing, and others. Great for all modern genre.


16 Kicks

10 Claps

13 Snares

05 Rim

09 Perc

11 Hats

02 Cymbal 

Out of Ashes

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