Make listening to your music an immersive experience.  No matter where you recorded, your tracks can come alive with  texture, depth, and movement.  This is a place a lot of self produced/recorded artists need the most help.  Sit back and relax as your project is massaged into a punchy textured 3D experience. 


Have your full band live tracked and add overdubs or track separately from the beginning with guide tracks.  Have your drums professionally tuned before recording.  Lets discuss the ideas and meanings behind your songs and experiment with recording techniques to find the right vibe.  Creative approaches to vocal recording that make it fun for everyone.


Add production tracks to your songs or create a track from scratch.  Have your home recordings polished and enhanced.  Guidance for new artists to find a sound and for more experienced artists to explore new territory and redefine their sound.  Preproduction for projects is also offered and HIGHLY encouraged.


In this phase of recorded music production, the final sheen and glue are applied to your songs.  Your album will be level matched and your songs will stand up to all the other music out there.  Stem Mastering is available and recommended for artists mixing and recording at home.


Everyone needs a little nudging sometimes.  Maybe the song was new or maybe the player was tired.  DAW's have made saving recordings with seamless edits easier than ever.  Have your drums comped and edited.  Have your guitars and bass line up on the important hits.  Get your vocals tuned to perfection or just fix the very noticeable spots.